“Andy assisted me with the critical evaluation of third party contractors for formatting high-throughput screening compound libraries. His extensive experience in compound management equipment facilitated the rapid and unequivocal identification of the best contractor. Because of his effort, I was able to make an informed and rational decision. I would seek Andy’s assistance again and highly recommend him to any interested party.”

“Andy is successful in his endeavors because of his knowledge of the industry and breadth of technical expertise as well as his focus on personal relationships. His commitment to clients continues beyond the initial relationship to the achievement of their goals. I enjoy working with him and look forward to continuing our business interactions in the future.”

“Andy is a well-known leader and highly respectable executive in the Laboratory automation/ HTS field.  I highly recommend him as a team leader for any organization.”

“Andy has been a highly dependable source of advice in the area of compound management as well as general lab automation.”

“I have had the opportunity to interact and work with Andy many times over the past twenty years as a colleague, client, and service provider. His dedication and insight have kept him at the forefront of enhanced R & D automation and process reengineering. His passion and resourcefulness is evenly tempered by the pragmatism and reality of budgets and implementation logistics, understanding that one solution does not “fit all”, instead evaluating each circumstance and recommending the best course of action for each lab or program independently. In addition to his experience and expertise, his volunteer efforts and participation in scientific organizations and associations warrant significant merit. I highly recommend Andy Zaayenga.”

“Andy consulted for the team that was selecting an automated compound storage and retrieval system. After careful consideration of our needs, he gave pragmatic, detailed advice that included some key ideas that had not yet occurred to us. He was very knowledgeable and delivered excellent value as a consultant in this field.”

“Andy came highly recommended by several colleagues to assist with the critical evaluation of third party contractors for formatting a 600,000 compound library suitable for ultra high throughput screening. The vendors were given specific goals and each submitted detailed proposals outlining scope, schedule and resources. Andy compiled a matrix to compare all proposals and executed site visits on our top choices to confirm their capabilities. Throughout the process, he articulated the critical issues clearly and guided us to a very satisfactory selection. I would seek Andy’s assistance again and highly recommend him.”

“I’ve been privileged to work with Andy on several automation projects. In each case his unsurpassed knowledge of the tools and discovery processes have resulted in success. In each of our projects, Andy has been creative, reliable, determined, and 100% on board for the success of the project. I have never worked with anyone more customer focused and willing to do what needed to be done to make the project successful, regardless of the day of the week or hour. In each case he has also acted acted as a mentor and guide in determining the optimal design and path forward.”

“I have known Andy for a number of years and have always been impressed by his technical knowledge in a great many aspects of laboratory automation. In addition, he brings a devotion to the customer’s needs and solution-oriented focus that are always first rate. He works with intelligence, creativity and focus and yet maintains an extremely approachable personality and is truly a pleasure to work with. His passion for and devotion to our industry is clearly top notch, as evidenced by his tireless efforts to create, support and expand the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (LRIG) and service through ALA and SBS. A true pioneer in the world of laboratory automation, I look forward to any opportunity to work with Andy in any capacity.”

“Andy and I worked together on some very complex issues within our field. Andy has always executed the tasks with efficiency and ingenuity. He is a leader in the industry and it would be a privilege to work with him again.”

“I have known of and worked collaboratively with Andy for over ten years in the Life Sciences marketplace Industry knowledge, customer satisfaction and consistent on time delivery of services are all part of Andy’s skill set.”

“I’ve known Andy for over 10 years now and he never ceases to amaze me. He manages to be one of the brightest people I know, yet at the same time, one of the nicest and most interesting people I know. Simply put, he knows everything and everyone associated with HTS, compound management, assay development, and software/hardware integration. And he happens to be a big fan of the blues, which makes anyone a superstar in my book.”

“Andy has a wealth of knowledge in the area of laboratory robotics. He is hard-working and fair-minded with the customer’s interest always at heart. He is a clear expert in this arena.”

“I have known Andy Zaayenga for many years and have always respected his knowledge of laboratory automation and innovative solutions to increase productivity in the laboratory. Andy is also well connected in the industry and has a firm network. For example, about a year ago I reached out to him for a recommendation for a consultant to assist us with programming Tecan workstations to perform cell based assays. Andy responded with several recommendations. He is a very experienced individual and I am fortunate to be his colleague.”

“When I was in a position to purchase an HTS system I contacted Andy as I was very aware of his skills in the field of laboratory automation. We made a very good job implementing the first HighRes system in Italy and one of the first in Europe. Andy is not only an excellent professional he’s also a friendly person; making business together is always a pleasure.”

“Andy is a detail oriented, go-to guy for information or to make things happen. I have enjoyed his wise counsel on automation projects and products as well as interactions in the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories. I have worked with Andy for several years on ISBER’s council and in committees and his input and perceptions are excellent.”

“I have worked with Andy to develop and deliver two large laboratory automation systems. Andy listens to the customer, builds effective teams, and delivers functioning systems that are on cost and on time. I would use him again.”

“Andy and I worked together on an automation project and I can highly recommend Andy as a strong advocate for the improvement of laboratory automation, as a fine representative of his company and as a leader and facilitator of the network of laboratory automation specialists.

“I have had the opportunity to interact and work with Andy many times over the past ten years as a customer and a colleague. I value his expertise and insight in the field of automation and process integration. He understands customer needs and translates that to the automation solutions. His creativity and business acumen have fueled his success as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend Andy Zaayenga.”

“Andy is a dynamic and strong leader in the Biobanking space. I have enjoyed working with him on industry related projects and various conferences. He has an extensive network of contacts in this space and maintains an excellent reputation for exceeding expectations in everything he accomplishes.”

“Andy has a deep well of experience, technical/engineering expertise in laboratory automation and robotics, but more importantly a keen knowledge of operations and process use of this technology to offer creative solutions. He and his team are able after relatively short discussions, rapidly turnaround a recommended design and configuration in stunning visual detail that usually captures 90% of the requirements in the first iteration. They respond rapidly to request for design changes. I continue to use him and his team to continually upgrade our systems.”

“Andy is definitely the hardest working person in the Lab Automation business period! He is tireless and amazingly well connected. I highly recommend Andy not only for his work in the commercial world but also thank him for the long and thankless hours he puts in to maintain/foster our organizations (LRIG, SLAS, ALA, SBS, ISBER, etc).”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andy for many years, in multiple capacities for both him and me. Andy is an innovative technical expert with a flair for great presentations and an unwavering quest to solve problems in this field. His leadership of LRIG has built this network of volunteers into the best venue for vendor/client interaction on top of the sharing of technical information. He has my absolutely best recommendation.”

“Andy is very well-respected and highly regarded for both his skills and for his ability to work extremely well with people in a wide range of settings. Whether serving in his role as a business partner or as a Board member for the Society for Laboratory Automation, Andy is highly effective in communicating his vast depth of industry and business knowledge and doing so in a friendly and collegial way. People routinely seek out his opinions and counsel. It’s a great pleasure to work with Andy.”

“Andy is one of those individuals that everyone in our industry seems to know, and for good reason. He has been such an outstanding leader in the world of high throughput screening and laboratory automation.”

“Andy has been “connected” with the bioscience automation business community for many years and has been an excellent source of information and assistance. Andy has a broad view of the industry and is an excellent partner in considering or pursuing opportunities.”

“Andy is a tireless leader in the laboratory automation marketplace. Aside from his personal contribution through the formation of TekCel years ago to his leadership and co-founding of LRIG, Andy has demonstrated a unique commitment to the concepts and implementation of laboratory automation over the past 15 years. I have had the pleasure of working with Andy at LRIG and in conjunction with his some of his commercial ventures. He is among the most genuine and honest people that I know in the laboratory automation and instrumentation industry.”

“Andy’s knowledge of cutting edge technology, scientific applications, and connections to industry leaders is unmatched. If you are looking for a solution, Andy can pull together the resources needed to make it happen and with his calm and confident demeanor you know you are in good hands. Andy is Lab Automation!”

“I have known Andy Zaayenga as a colleague and friend for 20+ years. Andy and I worked together at Zymark Corp. during the developmental days of laboratory automation and robotics. Andy combines a deep understanding of customer needs, biopharma applications, and automation technologies with a solid commercially-focused business approach. Andy Zaayenga is a talented and energetic business leader, who I recommend without reservation.”

“There is little left to say about Andy. If you have been in this industry for any time at all you will come across Andy or you will hear from someone about Andy. He works tirelessly on the boards of major organizations such as LRIG, SBS, SLAS to name but a few. His recommendations are from people that know the space well, because he has earned the respect of the industry over the years. I first met Andy in 1989 when he was at Caliper and we have worked for competing companies ever since, but I have always had the highest regard for Andy. Andy is a luminary in the industry and I sincerely hope that I will have a chance to work with Andy in the future . I would not hesitate to have Andy as part of my executive team.”

“I’ve known Andy for many years. He is an extremely well regarded pillar in the laboratory automation community and someone for whom I have the highest respect.”

“Andy has been in the forefront and one the leaders in the Lab Automation space for over 20 years. He knows more about this area than anyone I know. He is extremely well liked and respected in the life sciences industry. He would be a great asset to anyone.”

“Andy is a wonderful business resource and has deep knowledge of the technical aspects of biobanking.”

“Andy has proven to be an outstanding communicator, networker and promoter within the laboratory automation world. Andy has proven to be a wonderful business associate and has helped connect the dots for me on numerous occasions through his broad network. I highly recommend Andy and hold him in high regard amongst the business professionals within this field.”

“Andy is a consummate professional and one of the hardest working people I have ever known.”

“If you know Andy, this recommendation won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. He is one of the “big names” in the life science automation world. Andy is a true thought leader, innovator and all-round superstar.”

“I’ve had the great pleasure to work together with Andy on numerous occasions during the past 15 years. No matter what we were working on, the experience was always the same; Andy has a first rate knowledge of the industry and can maintain a big picture view, while not losing sight of the details that often are the difference between success and failure. He always works tirelessly and pragmatically on any project or problem until it is complete.”

“Andy is also an amazing mentor and advisor. Throughout my career he has always been there to listen, provide input and offer advice.”

“Andy was a colleague and mentor for me. His knowledge of automation and his customer service skills were nothing short of outstanding. He was viewed as an “extended employee” by every client he worked with. Since that time I’ve worked with Andy in several other capacities. He continues to be extraordinarily well informed about automation processes and solutions, his follow through is exceptional and his attention to detail is outstanding. Andy is clearly recognized as an industry leader. His most notable trait is his impeccable character and integrity. Working as a solutions provider and partnering with me in my role as an automation developer at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Andy has unequivocally worked in our best interest. There are very few people I would recommend as strongly to partner with in business as Andy.”

“Andy has always been the go to person when there are product issues between vendor and client. He understands the technical issues and balances them well with business interests. He is a pleasure to work with, and adds real value in any business partnership.”

“I have had several interactions with Andy. In every interaction Andy was able to provide very timely results when he could directly control the outcome. When he could not he assisted in providing the right amount of behind the scenes pressure that ultimately led to an acceptable outcome. Andy works hard, is dilligent, a good communicator and is creative while being practical. When I ask Andy to do something, I am confident that results will come.”

“Andy and I have worked together for a number of years. He is always professional and delivers results. Andy is an industry pioneer and leader in lab automation. He is highly regarded by his peers.”

“As Director of HTS at the University of Kansas (KU), I have collaborated with Andy on many occasions, but most importantly in identifying a Compound Management System (CMS) for use here at KU. From our very first meeting, Andy distinguished himself by providing a complete knowledge of the state of the art in the CMSs, identifying the relevant needs, and providing an unbiased assessment in a timely and reliable manner which could be used by the KU team to drive our decision making process. Andy is always cheerful and collaborative, fully engaged in the needs of the client, and committed to the success of the client’s projects. He obviously relishes his interactions with diverse groups of people, as exemplified by his outstanding contributions to LRIG. He is also self-confident in his areas of expertise and can argue his position cogently. He has the highest scientific integrity and standards. Andy has always been adept at balancing customers’ needs and his focus on expanding the business. In summary, Andy’s management experience, business knowledge and entrepreneurial innovative intellectual acumen is exemplary, and unparalleled. He possesses a broad and deep knowledge of the robotics industry pertaining to high throughput screening, which he leverages to effectively solve customers’ problems in drug discovery. Andy is a great asset for any organization, and could benefit immensely from his technical expertise and management skills.”

“I have worked in the automation industry for 10 years and have never met anyone with a more comprehensive understanding of the market than Andy. His integrity and commitment to this market is unmatched. He would be a great asset and team player for any organization.”

“Andy is very customer-centric – a rare quality. This is a breath of fresh air in a world where sales pressures can often cause ‘factual distortions’… Of all the people I know in the industry, I would rank Andy as one of the top person with whom I would engage in a new business relationship. Not only is he very knowledgeable but equally important, very straighforward and honest.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Andy when he transitioned to the challenging position as the head of REMP US just after the company had been acquired by Tecan. At that time, the Amgen global sample management group was already in the middle of a major 3+ site multi-million dollar global system deployment by REMP. Without Andy’s superb leadership and seamless transition, this implementation would not have been successful as there were several service issues at the time (as REMP/Tecan were primarily based out of Switzerland). Andy was both diligent and personable in his communication always maintaining honesty and integrity while nimbly building a strong support team and delivering on promises. Andy has my highest recommendation and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Andy at two different companies. In my many years of selling into various markets in this industry, Andy is the best manager I have ever had. Andy has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and a large network of contacts. Andy is superior at understanding the customer needs and proposing the appropriate solution. In his many years in this business, Andy has maintained close relationships with his customers. This is due to Andy’s commitment to the customer and his knowledge of the customer processes. As a manager he is very supportive of his staff and works tirelessly to provide the tools we need to do our jobs effectively. I give Andy the very highest recommendation. He would be an asset to any company. Also, he is a great guy and fun to work with!”

“Andy is one of the most experienced persons in the lab automation area, I’ve ever met. His in-depth knowledge of the industry is impressive and I was always suprised how many people he knows in that industry. Furthermore he has an ability to communicate with a customer on a level, which is far above the standard, regarding their requirements and workflow issues. Besides that he is a great guy to work with. It would be a great to work with him again.”

“Andy knows the storage business for pharmaceutical samples very well. He has an excellent relationship network within the industry. Andy got several of my projects out of trouble thanks to skilled negotiation with our customers. I appreciated very much his customer focus.”

“Everytime I was on a critical mission for our customers he’s always been there to make sure things happened – both on the communication and technical level.”

“Andy is an outstanding resource for pharmaceutical lab automation. He is an expert in many instruments as well as large integrated systems and everything in between. I would recommend using his expertise wherever process improvement through automation is needed.”

“Andy helped me to create a new project around biobanking. He is a wealth of useful information, and was instrumental in our creating a biobank at an institute with no experience in this area. The team that Andy created and managed was also extremely valuable in this experience. My experience with Andy was fantastic.”

“I endorse Andy Zaayenga as an Innovative Technologist and Thought Leader. I have worked with Andy for over 12 years starting from when I was a Molecular Biologist doing High Throughput Screening (HTS) for Johnson & Johnson. Andy helped us co-develop and implement many new robotic technologies that helped us succeed in discovering and optimizing new molecular entities (NMEs). Now that I am a Program Manager in Translational Medicine Information Technology (IT) at J&J, I have made sure to keep in contact with Andy to benefit from his forward thinking and broad understanding of research across many industries. Andy’s ability to consistently be ahead of the curve is a testament to his dedication and talent.”

“I met Andy 20 years ago and we quickly became friends and have remained close ever since. He has become an icon in the industry and someone I have learned to trust and respect. His knowledge of the market and depth of experience is a wonderful asset but his personality and great positive spirit are what really makes Andy unique. I have enjoyed working with Andy and would recommend him without hesitation.”

“Andy is great to work with. He is scientifically knowledgable and technically skillful in many areas. Andy is very customer focused and always litsen to the customers, and come up with great solutions for problems. I highly recommend Andy for his integrity, expertise and willingness to help others.”

“Andy is one of the most influential people in the laboratory automation industry, he seen and witnessed every moment of the life science automation industry as it has grown over the last few decades and has been there at the coal face while doing it. In addition; both I and the industry have a debt to Andy for founding the hughly successful and useful Laboratory Robotics Interest Group which has over a dozen global chapters. Andy is also a good teacher and a great influencer – always taking the time to explain his reasoning and thinking to people at all levels of experience. I only wish he had started all this a bit earlier so as to make my first years in lab automation a bit easier!”

“I have known Andy for several years, and have been able to consult succesfully with him on several projects and concepts. The consummate professional, Andy has always been able to provide knowledge based input and guidance on a whole range of automation ideas and problems in a very understandable way to the end-user, without recourse to jargon and over technical description – but he does know all this stuff. He has been a great officer for LRIG and is often available at major conferences for ad hoc discussion. At a personal level, he is one of the good guys, is very freindly and a great conversationalist. Any individual or organisation contemplating hiring Andy’s wide knowledge of the industry, and his expertise, will be making a wise decision to do so.”

“Andy is a fantastic networker. It was a great pleasure for me to work with Andy and take advantage of appropriate contacts in every business situation related to the field of our industry. Not only has Andy built up a network but he also maintains it on a regular basis. The same applies ot his customers. They were always open for Andy’s vast knowlegde in the industry and did appreciate his well informed advice.”

“Andy is a consumate professional, highly skilled at managing complex customer relationships and maximizing sales opportunties.”

“Andy is both an impressive technical expert and a skilled problem solver. He is extremely well-connected in the lab automation field and is highly regarded.”

“Andy is a very personable and responsive guy. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

“Andy helped to fairly mediate a dispute concerning availability of vendor support for a sample management system. This dispute was complicated by a negotiation phase that included changes in staff and policy changes. Andy successfully turned a non-negotiable policy dictum into a discussion about mutually beneficial business solutions, trust and integrity.”

“Andy is incredibly important to the life science automation industry, having been one of its pioneers. He has continued to influence the industry through his tireless work helping to build the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group into a nationwide phenomenom. Andy is a guy everyone in the industry knows and respects, not only for his technical know-how but for his inventiveness, energy, and kindness.”

“Andy is able to think out of the box, analyze complex processes and propose effective and affordable solutions that can revolutionize a business.”

“I’ve relied on Andy’s technical expertise and integrity for over 10 years. His vision of a modular, controlled environment, sample management system was a pioneering attempt to implement the compound conservation practices that have now become standard in our industry.”

“Andy’s vast knowledge of the industry, his technological expertise, and the level professional contacts he has accumulated over the years makes him an invaluable resource not just for our company, but for others looking to advance not only their products, but their science as well.”

“During the last 8 years I have worked with Andy as a business partner. During this time I have seen Andy build significant business, management and market experience within the discovery research area. Now a seasoned industry professional Andy has one of the most extensive networks of contacts in the business/industry and a strong reputation both professionally and personally. It is my pleasure to provide an endorsement for Andy Zaayenga”

“Andy is exceptionally well connected with business and scientific leaders across the industry. His domain knowledge and consultative skills are outstanding.”

“Andy is very strong technically in automation and instrumentation with excellent communication skills. Andy is terrific at working through difficult situations between customers and providers ensuring that all are fairly represented. He is a delightful colleague, client or provider.”

“Andy is the consummate “customer success first” solution provider. Andy demonstrated his commitment to customers regularly. Our customers really appreciated his efforts. Andy also made sure he balanced his customer commitment with a keen eye for what was good for our company.”

“Andy is a very smart, thoughtful and effective guy. He has a broad knowledge that gives him a unique perspective on science, automation, and medicine. I was immediately impressed with Andy’s breadth of knowledge regarding laboratory automation and his ability to suggest solutions for some technical challenges we were facing in our biospecimen repository. He has contributed to the growth and expansion of the field of biospecimen management.”

“I admire the way he approaches his engagements, the care in which he takes in building his business relationships and the commitment he applies to any task, big or small. It is clear that Andy both presently and historically has played a key role in innovating the field of laboratory automation and life science. He has in recent years greatly catalyzed advancements in the field of biobanking as a whole by bridging the gaps and creating a forum for trans-boundary education and communication between the fields of laboratory automation and biomedical research. This is most appreciated by all who know him in the biobanking and laboratory research communities.”

“Andy is one of the positive and recognizable icons in the lab automation industry. His integrity, motivation, and contributions have assisted many colleagues and customers achieve their goals; it’s always a pleasure to work with him. He is one of the few people I know who can take a vision and see it to fruition.”

“I have worked with Andy for a number of years. I recognize him as an individual who creates a path rather than follow one. He’s a master at networking and earns the respect of his customers, peers, friends and subordinates.”

“From knowing Andy almost 15 years, I would have to say that he is one of the most outstanding people in the Laboratory Automation Field. He is detail and results oriented, always making sure his clients/customers are on the right path and getting what they want, to achieve their goals. It seems the more complex the situation/system, the greater Andy organizes the solution and in the most personable way. This also brings me to the fact that Andy is a pleasure to work with and an excellent ‘go to’ team member.”

“Andy has been a vital part of our change model — at a strategic high level and, when needed, tactically involved and focused. He is very smart and driven. Andy’s ability to drive consensus and pull objectives forward are incredible. He’s an excellent part of our team mix and valued on many levels.”

“Andy is highly skilled and knowledgeable in numerous scientific and engineering disciplines. He is one of the hardest working people that I know. Above all, Andy gets things done.”

“Andy continues to be one of our industries leading stewards, both facilitating and advancing the level of communication and engagement that keeps the laboratory automation industry in step with other high tech markets. In my dealings with Andy, he has always brought an open mind and an entrepreneurial approach to the issues.”

“Andy has a very deep understanding of laboratory automation technologies, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. He is an accomplished innovator in the automation field and he is well respected by his peers. In addition, Andy is honest, very hard working, and trustworthy.”

The attributed recommendations and others may be found on Andy’s LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn